Raceways is a successful community interest company organising running events which 1000’s of adults and children have participated in over the years.

Seeing a need to create opportunities to inspire children to also run, founders Martine Verweij and Catherine O’Carroll knew that their community events had to be more accessible and inclusive and the challenge was that it had to be more regular and free for all children to take part….a big ask!

Making this their personal mission, in 2010 the charity Kids Run Free, now running as Marathon Kids UK was born….

Through their own competitive backgrounds as athletes, Martine and Catherine believe that giving children positive and fun running experiences from as young an age as possible helps build the foundation to staying physically active throughout life with all the many associated health and wellbeing benefits.

Our challenge at Raceways is to keep kids running for free so we appreciate your taking part in our events as your fees are directly helping to transform the health of the next generation through the power of sport!