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Raceways Revolution’s Run Your Way enables parents to track their children’s running outside of school. Did you know that the Government advice for daily physical activity for children is 60 minutes a day? That should be 30 minutes within school time and 30 minutes outside of school.

During the school holidays many children’s physical activity levels drop and their fitness levels reduce significantly. Inspiring your child to walk, run, skip whilst tracking their distance on the Raceways Revolution App can support you to deliver this recommended daily target.

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Our Raceways Revolution initiative, implemented in schools nationwide, encourages children to run, walk, and skip, their way to multiple exhilarating marathons over the accademic year. 

If your child’s school is already running Raceways Revolution connect to your child’s profile via the app, or inspire your child’s school to take up the challenge by telling them about the initiative and get them moving!

Find out more about Raceways Revolution for schools HERE