The app that will start the marathon revolution in schools 

Raceways Revolution is a national movement committed to spearheading a transformative approach to combat childhood obesity and enhance the overall well-being of young people and their families. Our Raceways Revolution initiative, implemented in schools nationwide, encourages children from diverse age groups and abilities to engage in various forms of movement, such as running, walking, playing, and skipping, as they strive to conquer multiple exhilarating marathons.

We diligently monitor and celebrate the accomplishments of our Raceways Revolution participants, igniting a spark of inspiration within them to lead longer, more joyful, and
healthier lives. With your invaluable support, we aim to eradicate childhood obesity and improve the well-being of our youth, creating a healthier and happier future for all.

The fitness app that promotes strength, focus and fun for young people.

We’re transforming the way young people experience running, turning it into a celebration of strength, focus and fun. Here, each mile is a revolution of self-discovery and growth. We want young people across the country to lace up their trainers and join the revolution. With Raceways Revolution every run is a journey and every journey a revolution.


We want young people to unleash their inner Titan. Every young athlete carries with them the power of a titan, ready to conquer their dreams. With Raceways Revolution we aim to awaken this inner strength, infusing young people with confidence, resilience and an indomitable spirit that transcends the racetrack. We want our young people to stand strong and conquer the miles.


Finding their flow – the magic of running lies in the rhythm, the focus on the trail ahead and the cadence of breathing. Raceways Revolution is a platform that introduces young people to the transformative power of this rhythm. When the outside world fades away, they are left with their heartbeat, the trail and their focus.


Helping young people find the joy across the miles. Because running isn’t just about the joy of the journey. Raceways Revolution incorporates an element of playfulness and fun. Our app helps turn every stride and every mile into a memorable adventure. Embrace the fun, embrace the run.

Raceways Revolution for schools is an active mile programme designed to get more students moving and earning rewards on their way to becoming healthier and happier. Led by an army of enthusiastic teachers, pupils are encouraged to walk, run, skip and hop their way to four marathons through regular increments in an academic year.

Each session, pupils clock up the kilometres by completing laps of the school playground or sports field and record the distances on our Digital Tracking System (DTS).

Sessions are flexible and adjustable based on the school and teachers’ schedules. We know that tracking pupils’ progress acts as the perfect motivator and that schools use this data for Ofsted, governing
board meetings and highlighting to parents how amazing their children are.

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